Shayan Zamani

Shayan Zamani Frontend Web Developer

about me

Hello there! I'm Shayan, a passionate frontend web developer and skilled programmer fluent in both Persian and English. While my primary goal is to consistently improve my skills and expand my knowledge, I currently work as a freelance web developer, not only crafting seamless user experiences but also fine-tuning website performance for optimal results. In addition, I take pleasure in sharing my expertise with fellow developers and have been willingly contributing to various developer communities on social media platforms for over a year now.

my resume


  • HTML & CSS

  • JavaScript & TypeScript

  • Git & GitHub

  • Vue.js

  • Astro.js

  • Tailwind CSS


Company Experience

Internship at Saina Business Development Company, where I wrote unique articles in CMSs like Joomla and Drupal, and also developed the front-end of Modir Kharid website using Vue.js and Tailwind CSS.


As a freelance web developer, I've been creating well-thought, accessibility-rich websites utilizing cutting-edge technologies and successfully tackling diverse projects for various clients.


I have been continuously expanding my skills and knowledge, primarily through self-guided explorations, complemented by some academic pursuits as well.

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my services

I pay close attention to every little thing, creating pixel-perfect, user-friendly, and maintainable websites with flawless code.
With a friendly and trustworthy approach, I guarantee a positive working experience and outstanding outcomes.
Leverage the potential of speed with my expertise in creating high-performance websites designed for optimal efficiency.
I build stunning, mobile-friendly websites and web apps that adapt beautifully to all standard screen sizes and devices.

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